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Retirement Security Rule Strategy

Compliance with the Retirement Security Rule shouldn't hinder your organization's revenue production efforts through independent agents and advisors. 

This disruption can actually enhance it by providing the most relevant content and engagement tools that's works best for each unique retirement client's needs, while ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.

David <or firm's name> is developing a digital agent/advisor sales readiness and engagement system that will ensure only approved profiling tools, messaging and related content is used, and documents what is shared and viewed by clients in every interaction, which reduces an insurer's liability.

David will help you shape a future of profitable growth and reduced risk, 

David's has a long and successful track record of assisting life insurers with strategic consulting focused on distribution, product, and value-added solutions. His consulting career began in 1987 when he developed the first universal "private pension" concept for E.F. Hutton Life. That work led to successful engagements with other carriers including Aviva - later to become Athene.

In 1995, David was instrumental in Keyport Life's launch of the first fixed index annuity. Working with Keyport, in 2000, David developed the first web-based application for FIA contract renewal. 

In the early 2000s, David pioneered the use of compliant digital sales presentations to support the launch of fixed index annuity products, His work for Jackson National, ING, AIG, GreatAmerican, Aviva and others proved that speed to scale can be dramatically enhanced.  


David is currently developing the next generation of retirement security solutions for younger Americans. This summer, GBU Life will become the first carrier to offer Defined Benefit Annuity.

Facebook Post - 2024-04-17T070958_edited

Above is an example of the dramatic advancement in AI-generated digital human avatars. Julie has something to say about the new fiduciary rule. And also, how digital-humans will be part of new experiences that deliver compliant education on all types of annuities. 

"Process equals prudence."

The Retirement Security Rule's Impact

September 23 signals the dawning of a new era in which life insurers will experience what amounts to a business model inversion as they are tasked with supervision of agents' sales activities. David is creating a system that delivers an enhanced client experience using AI, video and compliance technology that simultaneously reduces insurer and agent liability potential.  

ERISA Agent Fiduciary Annuity Marketing

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Case study; GBU Life
Compliantly showcasing an innovative fixed index annuity. 

The Learning Centers

Ultra High-End "Known" Content for Compliant Marketing
Advisor-Personalized Marketing Websites Featuring Digital-Human Sales Assistants


In the RSR era, "known" content, meaning compliant, consumer-facing content used by the agent with prospects and clients, will become extremely important as a way to memorialize the client's precise and accurate understanding of the benefits provided by the annuity purchased." 

DOL Solutions has the technology that can empower your agents and compliantly deliver your marketing messages and educational materials to a wide audience of distribution partners and consumers. 


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