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The inaptly named Retirement Security Rule is atrocious. However, it creates an annuity sales opportunity that we can help you exploit.
Constrained Investor is the Key.

Read the Amendment to Prohibited Transaction Exemption 84-24.

Read the Retirement Security Rule Definition of an Investment Advice Fiduciary.

Fact Sheet: Retirement Security Rule and Amendments to Class Prohibited Transaction Exemptions for Investment Advice Fiduciaries

How do you describe public policy that is so flawed it fails the very people it claims to serve?

Read David's explanations of how the new fiduciary rule betrays retirees. And why an unexpected business opportunity has emerged for insurers and agents.

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Why All Financial Professionals Support Overturning the DOL's Fiduciary Rule
The DOL Retirement Security Rule Promotes a Narrow Worldview
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The Trial of the Fiduciary Rule for Crimes Against the Fiduciary Rule
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"Every weekday David explores interesting topics including how the fiduciary rule fails to serve retirees' best interests. For anyone in our industry, The Macchia Minute is must-see video."


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"The practical effect of the Fiduciary Rule is to signal to insurance agents that they must embrace a new business model."
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Insurer Strategic Consulting 

DOL has created business challenges that demand creative actions. I can assist with a variety of solutions that will help ensure consistent and compliant new business. 

  • Liability risk mitigation

  • Compliant education

  • Compliant selling systems

  • Distribution strategy

  • Premium diversification

  • Agent retention and recruiting

  • Value-added

  • Liability minimization

  • Product marketing

  • Digital-Assisted Selling

  • Competitive advantage

  • New markets

  • Consumer experience

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The actionable solution for "boomer" women's retirement."

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